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The big issues facing the pensions advice and wealth management industries. Here you’ll find our news and views.

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11 Jan 2021

Opinion: Asset-Backed Funding and contingent assets – key pieces in the funding jigsaw?

In our second article we explore how ABFs and contingent asset arrangements are excellent tools for funding negotiations.

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18 Dec 2020

Workplace Savings – Isio Blog 6

DC pension scheme members now have more flexibility to access their pension pot – we help cut through the complexity.

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15 Dec 2020

Opinion: Asset-Backed Funding Series - where are we now?

Isio stands firm in its belief that ABFs play an integral part in offering positive solutions to stubbornly persistent pension deficits, in order to achieve better funding outcomes for both employers and trustees.

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09 Dec 2020

Opinion: Private Markets - Simplified!

A shift in markets has opened up a range of attractive long-term options for investors. Isio has identified a gap in the market for products that offer diversification and flexibility.

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04 Dec 2020

Workplace Savings – Isio Blog 5

What does diversity mean for a DC trustee board? Achieving a diverse Trustee board is the end goal. But it’s a hot topic and there’s a fine art to achieving the precise balance. Engagement of your members will only work if the composition of the board resonates well with them.

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03 Dec 2020

Workplace Savings - Our first four blogs

Here is a roundup of our first four blogs. We cover AE compliance, why your employees aren't engaged with their pensions, DWP consultation and equity. Read more here.