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Opinion: Fiduciary Management Survey 2019

26 Feb 2020
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Is reconstruction of the Fiduciary Management industry underway?

Isio’s 2019 UK Fiduciary Management Survey gathers insights from the UK’s largest Fiduciary Managers (FMs) and is a useful tool at the disposal of trustees to guide them in discussions with their FM.

This survey provides an analysis on the following key areas:

We also share our predictions on how the market is evolving and changing with time – with a particular emphasis on ESG trends.

Download the report Isio’s 2019 UK Fiduciary Management Survey for the full analysis (below).

If you would like to discuss the findings in more detail, please contact Greg Wright, Pensions Investment Director at Isio in or Anthony Webb, Head of Fiduciary Research at Isio.

Download this article (PDF)