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Do your company benefits support wellbeing?

29 Sep 2021

Now more than ever, employee wellbeing is vital.

Isio research has shown that most employers recognise the need to evolve their benefits programme to better support employee wellbeing.  

In response, we have developed a methodology that enables our clients to evaluate their current proposition, understand employee perspectives and determine how to move forward. The key issues we encountered were the need to introduce more diversity to support employee’s wellbeing at every stage of life and the need to help employees understand and engage with benefits more effectively.

Our approach builds on these four simple principles:

  1. Support your wellbeing commitments and organisational values
  2. Be inclusive, recognising the diverse needs of your current and future workforce
  3. Support employees’ capability and motivation to manage their finances, as well as providing the right benefit options
  4. Be based upon all the relevant data you have (and probably some you don’t!)

Wellbeing is a key development area for us, with DC pensions often at the heart of it. We would love to hear your views and share more with you from our research in terms of the challenges and solutions other organisations are grappling with.

Where do you start? Read more from our experts at Isio by clicking the link below. 

Employee Benefits Review