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To mark Black History Month and celebrate the Proud to be Black theme, the African and Caribbean Network (ACN) commissioned spoken word artist Benny Bruce to create a unique and thought-provoking piece for Isio.

Benny took our past, our present and our future and has created a performance piece which we are incredibly proud of. We hope you enjoy it too.

Benny Bruce is a British-Ghanaian Wordsmith and Spoken Word poet originating from Croydon, South London. Benny creates relatable and authentic pieces through personal experiences and clever wordplay. With published pieces, featured performances, and collaborations with organisations such as UNICEF, Benny is looking to make a difference and will leave a mark on you with his words.

To be kept up to date with more of Benny's work, follow his Instagram (@mistabruce_)

Read the full piece below

Birthed into a chaos that no one could envisage,

Whilst 2020 was a blur that was far from a clear vision.

Pandemics were persistent but services stayed resistant,

And Isio demonstrated what it meant to be resilient.

No longer just an arm but now the brains and the beauty

Stepping out of certain shadows to take on its call of duty.

In a world that’s unfair where many remain unspoken

We don’t want you to be open for business but rather a business that is open.

We know that doing the right thing may never be the easiest

But will you challenge the status quo when the need for change is immediate?

Will you be the trailblazer that lights the ground up?

And on the ground will you be the leader that never fails to stand up?

Never fails to stand up but never stays down if you fail.

We all make mistakes but creating better outcomes is in the detail

So bring the human touch to every conversation and take action whilst you listen

Because perfection is never required to have a clear conviction.

And pensions deserve a mention so stay secure with your investments

And know that Isio extend beyond that dimension because people first is their intention

It’s not just about building a client base but building up the team too.

From the foundations developing roots where diversity is not a backup but the go to.

Because diversity is not a word that is just born out of adversity

Stay curious and see that strength in difference is pure artistry.

Everything you’ve heard defines Isio’s purpose and behaviours.

Some more established than others but you can also be the game changer.

Know that history is not just built by the past but created in the future

So challenges may be present but when they come will you manoeuvre?

Don’t do this by yourself, create prosperity through partnerships

Networks like Isio’s ACN are a perfect example of being part of this.

See the vision come to life and be a part of this journey







This is an Isio story.


Benny Bruce 2021 ©


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