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Workplace Savings Blog - Are you up to date?

06 Oct 2021

Edition 5

The latest wrap up of the Isio Insights Workplace Savings blog explores key topical issues in the DC space, including the journey to master trust, as well as why pensions benefits are linked to pay, and the inequality that this can cause. We consider the continuing evolution of off the shelf default investment solutions offered by pension providers, and is it time to consider whether retaining a tailor-made bespoke solution is still appropriate? Lastly, we explore if auto-enrolment minimum contributions enough to allow Millennials to retire.

Below you can link to our latest four editions in case you missed them:

The Journey to Master Trust

Why are Pensions Benefits Linked to Pay?

Which Default Strategy Offers the Most Value?

Will Millennials Ever be Able to Afford to Retire?

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