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NHS Pensions & Reward Specialists

We are one of the largest pensions advisory firms in the UK with a team of NHS specialists. We help NHS organisations leverage the NHS Pension Scheme and other benefits to help recruit and retain staff.

How can we help?

Member Engagement

Explaining the value of the NHS Pension Scheme to members

Advisory Support

Supporting employers to leverage the NHS benefit package to recruit and retain staff

Financial Wellbeing Support

Improve your colleagues’ financial wellbeing

Supporting your employees’ financial wellbeing

With increases in the costs of energy, food and mortgages hitting everyone's pockets, many of employees will be feeling anxious about their financial situation.

Wealth advisory

Part of the Isio Group, Premier Wealth Planning is an Independent Financial Adviser with over 15 years of experience. Providing a range of advisory services, Premier Wealth Planning has a solution to support all types of individuals.


Discover who is benefiting from employee benefits in our latest research. The first in a series of papers, "Old jobs, new tricks", looks at the role of a benefits package in helping reduce employee turnover.

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