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Premier Wealth Planning - Member Options

Part of the Isio Group, Premier Wealth Planning is an Independent Financial Adviser with over 15 years of experience. Providing a range of advisory services, Premier Wealth Planning has a solution to support all types of individuals.

We help pension scheme members look forward to their hard-earned retirement with confidence knowing that the decisions they make are right for them.

This can include:

  • Helping pension scheme members understand what retirement means to them and the options available.
  • Advising members of defined benefit pension schemes on the most suitable options to give them the retirement they want. This could involve options outside of the scheme such as income drawdown or an annuity.
  • Advising pensioners or those at retirement about whether to accept a ‘pension increase exchange’ offer.


We know retirement can be scary especially for members of defined benefit pension schemes who may never have had to think about their pension before and now have to make a decision which for many is the biggest financial decision of their life.

We take the time to put members at ease, get to know them and talk their language so they come away not only knowing which option is best for them, but also why.  The member comes first in everything we do.

All of our advisers are pension transfer specialists and members will always speak to the same qualified adviser. We are independent and look at the whole of the market for the best solution for each client.

We make engagement easy, either via an online portal or using more traditional methods. Each client is different and has different needs and we will work to put forward this most effective solution.

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Flexible Retirement Options

Premier Wealth Planning are one of the leading firms in the UK for providing pension transfer advice. A high proportion of our advisers and compliance team are Pension Transfer Specialists and have been operating in this advice space for many years.

Flexible Retirement Options advice can be provided on an ongoing basis, coupled with presentations annually to ensure employees remain engaged with the Scheme and educated about their options outside of the Scheme pension.

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Pension Increase Exchange

Pension Increase Exchange exercises are a popular way to offer retired members a different style of income in retirement. We have extensive experience in providing either guidance or advice to members who have received an offer. All members speak to a regulated adviser who talks through the key issues and help them make a decision.

A Member

I have to say how impressed I was with your style, your unbiased discussion and professional attitude. You gave me an excellent,  well balanced overview, and served to provide me with sufficient information to confirm my previously formed opinion.

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