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The Pensions Master Plan

Reduce the costs of your Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme while retaining your current trustees with The Pensions Master Plan. Lower costs mean a better scheme for employers, trustees and members.

How can The Pensions Master Plan help you?

Defined benefit pension schemes are expensive to run, and the cheapest rates are usually only available to larger schemes.

The Pensions Master Plan reduces costs for small and medium sized schemes by enabling all of its sections to benefit from the low investment charges of a £ billion pension scheme.

Isio provides administration and actuarial services, and you can retain your current trustees or appoint a professional trustee.

Reduce costs through economies of scale from more than £1 billion of assets

How does it work?

With the Master Plan’s unique structure, you retain the control and flexibility of a standalone scheme, while having access to economies of scale.

Schemes transfer into their own ring-fenced section of The Pensions Master Plan, protecting security for members. You have no exposure to other sections’ liabilities, and the link between the employer and its liabilities is unchanged.

Each section has its own trustees, and the schemes’ rules are preserved on transfer. There are therefore no changes to member benefits or the balance of powers between trustees and employer.

Retain control with the ability to keep your existing trustees

Robust Governance

Your section trustees’ governance is supported through an annual compliance checklist, helping make sure key requirements are met.

Quality of Service

Your scheme and your members will receive great service.

Funding and Investment

Each section operates independently, and we’ll create a tailored plan to help you manage (or exit) your scheme in a risk controlled, affordable way.


You will benefit from the economies of scale and £ billion pension scheme.

The Pensions Master Plan

The Pensions Master Plan reduces pensions costs while allowing you to retain your existing trustees.

DB Master Trust Self-Certificate

The Self-Certificate on the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association website contains additional information on how the Master Plan works.

An award-winning solution

Find out why the Master Plan was chosen for the Innovation Award at the Pensions Age Awards 2019.