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The Pensions Annual Allowance and Contribution Recycling – Seeing the Opportunities

With a significant number of pensions savings statements hitting the letterboxes of thousands of NHS staff in your organisation in the next few weeks, what action can you take to retain those affected, and even attract new staff with winter pressures fast approaching?

To understand the steps you can take today to support your colleagues, join us at our free webinar on 8th November at 2pm. 


What will be discussed?

Pensions tax relief and the Annual Allowance

An overview of the current pensions tax rules and what to consider if you're affected.


Options to support retention and recruitment

Including NHS England's recent letter to all NHS employers promoting the option of "recycling" employer pension contributions.

Book your place on the Webinar

This webinar is available to book until 8th November – please book your place as soon as you can.