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Pension Awareness Week 2022

This year saw the 9th year of the Pension Awareness is a campaign determined to encourage everyone to engage with their pension and to understand the benefits of financial wellbeing more widely.

Between 31st October - 4th November, Pension Geeks put on a packed agenda of live shows from industry leaders and gain access to expert resources all aimed at making pensions easier to understand.

To access all recordings of all the sessions, click here.

Video: Pensions in 60 seconds with MyBnk

We teamed up with our national charity partner, MyBnk, to create an educational video covering pensions in 60 seconds, along with some top tips from experts from around Isio.

MyBnk specialises in delivering financial education and works with young people aged five to 25 to help them understand their finances and equip them with the skills they need to take charge of their future and manage their money.

Find out more about the work MyBnk does by clicking here.

Pension Awareness Week gives people the opportunity to talk about balancing their current needs with their future needs. The most common question I’m asked is “How much should I be saving for retirement?” –which is great, because it means people are thinking about their future! The answer is different for everyone, but in short you need to balance what you can afford now with the lifestyle you want for ‘future you’.
Jen Norris, Financial Wellbeing Expert at Isio (

Webinar | Take care of your finances

45 mins

We teamed up with Pension Geeks to host a Pension Awareness webinar all about understanding the simple steps you can take to better manage your finances – we coverd better budgeting, savvy spending, and shared plenty of practical example along the way.

Guide to managing your finances during the cost-of-living crisis

Download our guide to navigating the cost-of-living crisis is a quick and helpful springboard for getting your finances in shape.

​Click here to view.

Supporting employees to better manage their money

We also work with employers to help their employees feel empowered to make financial decisions. To find out how Isio can support your employees with financial wellbeing, click here, or read some of our content below.


Employee Support and Financial Wellbeing

We consider how you can support and empower your employees to make a lasting difference, and help them get more value from their money and the benefits you provide.

Business meeting, woman looking happy
Cost of living seminar

We have developed a seminar full of ideas to help your employees manage their money better and make it go further. Covering topics such as better budgeting, energy efficiency, debt management and smarter shopping.

Practical ways to support your employees through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis poses potentially serious financial challenges for many UK workers. We detail 4 practical ways to support your employees through the cost of living crisis.