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We believe good business needs to be more than what we do.

How we do business is just as important. So, we’ve developed our sustainability principles around four key areas: Climate, Natural Capital, Inclusion and Belonging, and Corporate Social Responsibility. These principles guide everything we do and ensure we operate as a business in the best interests of both people and planet.

Our Sustainability Principles

Our stakeholders in sustainability

We recognise we have a voice, but that it will have greater impact when used in conjunction with those of our stakeholders: our clients, our suppliers, our industry, and society itself.  So we work together, and support each group on their own journey towards a sustainable future that benefits everyone.

Our Sustainable Investment Policy sets out our direction and what we hold ourselves accountable to.

Sustainable Investment Policy

Our four areas of focus: Climate

Climate change is perhaps the biggest issue of our time, and we recognise it’s essential we play a role in transitioning to a lower carbon economy. We’re committed to reducing our emissions, whilst maintaining the essential nature of in-person contact with our clients, suppliers and people.

We measure and publish our scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions each year. Our offices are designed to operate energy-efficiently and we actively promote the use of rail and public transport for personal and business travel. We are also a carbon neutral business as part of our journey to net zero.


Natural Capital

As a business, we consistently challenge ourselves to reduce what we consume – using materials that are recyclable, reusable or compostable.

In all our offices, waste is separated then removed by certified waste management companies. Our electronic equipment is managed to maximise its lifespan and then donated for secure re-use or disposed of sustainably.



Inclusion and Belonging

Our vision is to foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment, which recognises people for their unique contribution, celebrates differences without judgement and remains committed to driving measurable progress in this area.
To achieve this, we are committed to increase the data we have on our people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that the way we run our business can, and should, make a positive difference for our people, our community and the wider environment, and we continually strive to achieve that.

Our way of working encourages people to give something back. Everyone at Isio is given the opportunity to volunteer for up to six days a year, either for our nominated charity MyBnk, or a charity local to them. We match all staff donations to the charity and each of our 10 offices works to support the community around them.

Our Sustainable Investment Services

Giving clients confidence to face a brand-new set of investment challenges as they insure their scheme’s liabilities.

Sustainable investment services

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