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Isio has eight regional hubs, which draw upon nationwide expertise to meet specific client needs.

For media enquiries please contact

  • Isio Birmingham
    One Snowhill Snowhill Queensway Birmingham B4 6GH
    T: 0121 227 3600
    Key contacts:
    Emma Skedgel, Senior Manager
    Matt Collinson, Partner
    Sophie Ash, Director
  • Isio Bristol
    66 Queen Square Bristol BS1 4BE
    T: 0117 374 6450
    Key contacts:
    Andy Craig, Director
    George Fowler, Partner
    Laura Higgins, Director
  • Isio Edinburgh
    9-10 St Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2AF
    T: 0131 202 3910
    Key contacts:
    Andrew Singh, Senior Manager
    David O'Hara, Partner
    Donald Fleming, Partner
  • Isio Glasgow
    319 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5AS
    T: 0141 739 9122
    Key contacts:
    David O'Hara, Partner
    Donald Fleming, Partner
    Julie Gray, Director
  • Isio Leeds
    1 Sovereign Square Sovereign Street Leeds LS1 4DA
    T: 0113 512 5600
    Key contacts:
    Chris Cheng, Director
    Michael Shimwell, Director
    Richard Hassan, Director
  • Isio London
    15 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5GL
    T: 0207 123 6000
    Key contacts:
    Claire Whittaker, Director
    David Spreckley, Director
    Gemma Woodall, Director
    Mouna Kulscar, Senior Manager
    Pat Race, Partner
    Stewart Hastie, Partner
    Tim Barlow, Director
  • Isio Manchester
    One St Peter’s Square Manchester M2 3AE
    T: 0161 518 4600
    Key contacts:
    Andrew Goddard, Partner
    Richard Hennessy, Partner
    Urrffa Rafiq, Director
  • Isio Reading
    Two Forbury Place 33 Forbury Road Reading RG1 3AD
    T: 0118 338 4444
    Key contacts:
    Pallavi Aston, Director
    Ray Pygott, Partner