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Empowering employees to make financial decisions.

Are your employee benefits creating value or draining it? We’ll provide a data-driven review of your benefits strategy, to strengthen the relationship you have with your employees and deliver solutions that maximise the value of your benefits budget.

Getting to know your unique company culture is vitally important to us. Together, we’ll map out your benefits vision, alongside any constraints. From there we’ll get to the heart of the relationship you want to achieve with your employees.

Robust evidence supports our decision making, combining detailed analytical analysis from both your employees and the market. Our approach is seamlessly integrated, so your solutions are too. Expect end-to-end expert support at every step.

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Targeted analysis to get the most from your benefit spend

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Bespoke benefit programmes designed for each employer’s needs

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Market-leading innovation and research

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Leveraging expertise across Isio, for cutting-edge solutions

You are true experts who have challenged our thinking and provided us with super quality deliverables that have helped shape our path to a flexible benefits platform

Worked as a true partner – understanding our business, its quirks and its complexity, providing us with pragmatic thinking on how we navigate our solution

Making your benefit vision a reality

We support clients navigating the complexities of strategic benefit design by:

  • Understanding your aims. Our initial envisioning workshop collates the views of key stakeholders, to agree your future benefits vision.
  • Understanding your workforce. We’ll gather and analyse valuable employee insight, focussing on employee concerns and the perceived value of benefits. The team will also examine data on take-up and engagement.
  • Understanding the market. The team will help you identify gaps in your offering, by providing a comparison of your benefits within the wider market and against competitors.
  • Mapping your future. We’ll set out the principles of your future state in a recommendation report, alongside targeted tangible actions.

When is the right time to implement a strategic benefit review?

For some companies, strategic benefit design is a natural step after an organisational restructure or significant pension scheme change. For others, a fresh look at the benefit package may be triggered by wider factors, such as Diversity,

Equity and Inclusion: does the benefit package meet the needs of all employees, or just the majority? Are there unintended consequences of your design?

Attraction and retention: the inability to attract high quality candidates, or a drive to reduce the excessive costs associated with high turnover.

Change in workforce demographics: meeting the needs of the future workforce and reflecting modern priorities.

Spend-value gap: helping your employees appreciate and get the most from your current benefit spend – or getting ‘more bang for your buck’.

Strategic priorities: How to embed ESG or wellbeing targets within benefits, in a measurable, robust manner.

Is there a way to check if redesigning your company’s benefit package would be valuable?

We have developed an Employee Benefits Value Analysis as a first step in the strategic benefit design journey.

This initial temperature check determines if there are any areas you should consider in more detail. It gives a direction for focus and highlights where we can deliver most return on your investment. We’d be happy to have an initial call with your team to discuss your position, and what the Employee Benefits Value Analysis might deliver for you.


Maximising value from employee benefits

Discover eye-opening insight into the UK workforce’s attitudes towards work, finances, moving jobs and employee benefits. Our insight aims to help employers, particularly senior HR leaders, understand how their organisations can maximise value from their benefits packages and even harness the benefit package to address staff turnover challenges.

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How we’ve helped our clients

Our team supports diverse organisations of all sizes with their employee benefits package. By bringing the latest market trends, solutions, and innovations to their offering, we help our clients achieve better value for both employer and employees.

We start with your objectives and corroborate your decision making with robust data analysis.

The ideas we bring to the table are built on pioneering design processes and market leading research. If you need it, we’ll provide connections to support in any area – calling on our specialists across the business, from salary sacrifice and employment tax to technology, employee communications and brokering.

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