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Over the last three years, we have been looking at private credit secondaries and infrastructure equity secondaries as investment opportunities for our clients. Through this process, we have built a strong network with many of the key players and have empanelled them as buyers as part of i-FLO.

Compared to the broker-led process, these key relationships allow i-FLO to make the process of selling assets more efficient: achieving greater transparency; delivering competitive pricing; all whilst at a very competitive fee to the seller.

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Competitive pricing

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Typically faster execution

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More competitive fees

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Greater transparency and dedicated support

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Strong knowledge of the secondaries market with access to all the key players

The service

Our process for i-FLO is split into three stages:

  • Price Discovery: The initial stage where indicative pricing is sourced from our panel of potential buyers.
  • Firm Pricing: If following the initial price discovery stage, the client decides to proceed further, we can work with a shortlisted group of potential buyers to get firm pricing.
  • Execution: If the client decides to execute based on the best bid, we can help complete the transaction with the relevant counterparty.

Why Isio?

Beyond the benefits highlighted above, we have other key benefits due to our unique position in the market:

As one of the UK’s top institutional investment advisors, we have strong relationships with most investment managers (General Partners) of the fund being sold, which is critical for a smooth execution.

Our buyers understand that we have a better knowledge of the seller’s motivation, and therefore view transactions brought from us as having a higher certainty of execution.

We sometimes have multiple clients looking for liquidity in the same fund, and therefore bring scale to a deal which can make the deal more appealing to a wider range of buyers.

We also have a very experienced transitions team who have completed multiple secondaries transactions and familiar with the entire process and documentation needed to complete a deal, saving time and costs.


No, this is a standalone service that can be used by non-Isio advised investors.
i-FLO is currently focused on private credit and infrastructure equity. For private equity and real estate, i-FLO can help you find brokers best suited to services these markets.
We are currently exploring a number of innovative solutions. Please contact us if you want to explore these in more detail.

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