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What makes us different


Industry experts with both adviser and insurer-side backgrounds


Proven strategic advice, finding you the best road to your endgame


Deep experience advising on de-risking schemes of all complexities


Unrivalled knowledge of Bulk Annuity insurer triage principles and pricing drivers


Innovation in the buy-out space, improving collaboration and results


Intelligent proprietary technology to improve outcomes

An unfussy, progressive approach

Most traditional de-risking processes are at risk of leaking value. We provide an evolved approach to defined benefit pension transfer advice. Better outcomes are enabled by combining diverse skillsets within a single team – adviser and insurer-side experts, as well as specialists in data integrity, contract negotiations, governance and investment.

Our collective experience also informs our philosophy, supported by our proprietary technology which we call Opportune. Designed in close collaboration with the insurance market, we’ve engineered a solution that delivers you the greatest value. Less risk, more efficiency, higher certainty.

  • Strategic de-risking advice. Get clarity on your options, learning which are best for your objectives, and the outcomes you can expect from each.
  • Buy-out readiness reports. Understand what key actions you need to take and optimum timings.
  • Data cleansing. Guidance to get you operationally ready to approach the market.
  • Integration with your investment strategy. Using our technology, InFra.
  • Guidance on illiquid assets. Our I-FLO helps minimise risk and prepares you for endgame.
  • Member experience. As you approach, and after buy-in or buy-out.

Client innovation driven by years of experience.

Client results are driven by our challenger mentality and a wealth of industry knowledge. We’re led by individuals with over 15 years’ executive-level experience in the bulk annuity market, on both the insurer and adviser sides. This includes deep experience of all de-risking solutions including:

  • Capital-backed Journey Plans
  • Financial and operational consolidation
  • Longevity swaps
  • Buy-ins and outs
  • Use of captive Insurers

Our approach to buy-ins and outs delivers huge improvements in how successful transactions can work. Our Opportune technology allows insurers to track their pricing against a client’s target price and transact when these align, so benefiting from short term pricing opportunities.


Risk settlement: Dress for success

Defined benefit pension schemes continue to grapple with the challenges of long-term runoff, with blockbuster buyouts crowding the market. This brings into sharp focus efficient scheme management, optionality – and tight collaboration between schemes and insurers to secure truly innovative risk settlement transactions.

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