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Benefits our our approach


Track record of improving outcomes for clients


Independent advice offering truly objective view of fiduciary managers

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Build and maintain research on all of the UK’s key fiduciary managers


FCA regulated to provide investment advice


Experienced in all sectors and scheme sizes

Guidance that clients can depend on

How can you have greater confidence your fiduciary manger will meet your objectives? And that they’re exploring the full range of options for you with their investment recommendations?

Our deep expertise in this market (combined with not providing fiduciary products ourselves) enables an independence of thought, tailored advice and vigilant oversight on everything from performance to governance.

Working closely with Trustees, the sponsor, and your fiduciary manager, enables us to provide full transparency on your investments, and helps you to make critical long-term scheme investment decisions. We are also skilled in advising clients on the right investment governance model, be it fiduciary management, OCIO, or something entirely different.

Action at just the right moment

  • Investment governance reviews – fiduciary management or not?
  • Selecting / retendering a fiduciary manager
  • Onboarding and transitions review
  • Ongoing fiduciary management oversight
  • Fiduciary performance review
  • Fiduciary fee reviews

How we help our clients

We’ve one of the most experienced teams in the market, having helped pension schemes get the most from fiduciary management since 2008.

We’ve advised over 50 fiduciary manager selection exercises leading to the appointment of a range of managers, finding the best fit for each client.

And have helped our clients save millions in fiduciary fees, by ensuring that they are on competitive fee rates and only paying for what they need.

We’re committed to making your lives easier and getting the best results for you.

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The Trustees were very grateful to Isio for their stewardship of our Fiduciary Management tender process this year. Isio navigated us from the initial selection of companies through to the shortlist and the final decision. The process taught us all a great deal… It was an extremely well-managed process from start to finish.

Deputy Chair of Trustees

£4OOm pension scheme


No. At Isio we choose to only provide advice – and not provide investment management services. This means we can be both independent and objective when assessing fiduciary managers – and they are comfortable “opening their books” to us.
Yes. All of our fiduciary advice consultants are either qualified to provide investment advice, or are working towards this status. This means we fully understand fiduciary managers’ investment strategies and can expertly interrogate their investment claims.
Absolutely. We’ve helped a wide range of smaller schemes select or review a fiduciary manager.
Yes we can. We assist in reviewing proposals, arranging pitches, and evaluating and benchmarking existing managers. Our expertise helps clients navigate the retendering process efficiently and thoroughly, often leading to improved terms and annual savings.


Has your fiduciary manager got holes in their cheese?

Who, or what is to blame? This is often the first question that comes to mind when a mistake or failure occurs. However, complex problems rarely have asimplistic and singular root cause – it is more likely to be the alignment of a number of smaller errors, occurring in parallel, that has led to the accident. This theory of accident causation is the basis for the “Swiss Cheese Model”, a principle which illustrates how accidents can occur from various weaknesses in a defensive system lining up.

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