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What differentiates us?

Strategy-driven research – We bring clarity to focus on areas that make sense from a strategic perspective for our client portfolios. What does this mean for clients? Our view is that 80% of value comes from asset allocation – so our research is idea driven not product driven.

Bespoke, innovative solutions – We are known in the market place for product innovation working with investment managers to address gaps in the market. What does this mean for clients? You get bespoke solutions which address the strategic need rather a fund/product that partially meets the criteria.

Sustainability is at the heart of our research philosophy and fully integrated into our approach. We have standalone sustainable ratings for all products/funds. What does this mean for clients? Focus on sustainability in line with client beliefs and best in class implementation means no compromising on risk-adjusted returns.

Whole of market due diligence covering both traditional and fiduciary management solutions and we have high conviction recommendations – our independence allows us to do this. What does this mean for clients? We have the widest range of funds/solutions in our initial screens but have shortlists based on high conviction. Clients back the funds/products that we rate and are therefore able to consistently negotiate best fee terms.

Our three key responsibilities

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Identify new and exciting investment opportunities for our clients


Seek solutions and products to execute these opportunities

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Monitor these products to ensure best-in-class implementation

A truly independent team

We are a centralised function within Isio, providing investment research services to a diversified client base which includes DB pension schemes, DC pensions schemes and master trusts, private capital, insurers and local government pension schemes.

We have dedicated asset class research teams covering six asset classes ensuring deep coverage of the investable universe.

We are truly independent, have comprehensive research capabilities, no competing fiduciary management products to sell and a long history of idea generation.

Key people

Image Ajith Balan Nair

Head of Asset Class and Manager Research See full profile

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