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Unlocking your benefits’ full potential

Benefits packages come in all forms, as diverse and varied as your workforce. We’ve developed our employee benefits platform to be flexible, matching your distinct offering and budget.

The platform enables your employees to select benefits that are relevant to them whilst supporting you to boost engagement. Built to be mobile, PC and tablet responsive, it enables your employee to view and manage their personal details and benefits anytime, anywhere.

Choose from two intuitive Gateway2Benefits platforms: Connect and Flex. Both options include a variety of useful, user-friendly features, designed for different budgets and needs. Take the strain off your HR & Benefits team, while attracting and retaining the right talent.

Benefits of our approach


Responsive platform on mobile, PC and tablet

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Streamlined back-office administration

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Branded for your organisation

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Seamless integration with other HR systems

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Enhanced bespoke communications and nudges

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Tailored employee support

Two powerful benefits platforms

We created Flex and Connect to flexibly fit with a whole range of different benefit packages and workforces.

Optional modules

Add a range of extra features, to customise your platform even further.

  • Total rewards statements
  • Lifestyle discounts
  • Wellbeing
  • Reward and recognition
  • Pensions education
  • Company news and surveys
  • Wide range of voluntary benefits
  • Single sign-on


Still not sure which platform is right for you? Get in touch to request a demo today.

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Ready to put your employees in full control of their benefits? Get in touch to request a demo today.

How we’ve helped our clients

No technology can reach its full potential without the proper execution.

We use tried and tested rigorous methodologies to develop and implement Flexible Benefit Schemes, informed by our Big 4 accounting firm heritage. This ensures there are no surprises, with delivery on time, on quality and with budget carefully tracked. By regularly scanning the market and conducting market research, we help your benefits package remain credible and competitive. You’ll stay abreast of suppliers and providers across all areas of reward and benefits, as we’ll meet with any credible new entrants into the market and seek to understand their offering.


Our proven process considers your business’ needs from the outset. We will: Conduct an assessment to understand your scheme, Agree a project plan together, Develop a high-level benefit design, Engage with market providers for their relevant rates and terms, Build the platform, Ensure there is rigorous testing and bug fixes prior to go live, Develop an exciting and engaging communication strategy and plan.
Our support doesn’t end at the platform launch. We review regularly with a mix of annual reviews, saving reports, market and provider assessments, and a quarterly governance process where appropriate. If your HR and Payroll teams need support, we can implement a dedicated employee helpdesk.
Our platform has been specifically designed to act as ‘middleware’ software, enabling easy set-up and data imports into our platform from an organisation’s HR system. We also recognise that clients’ needs and internal resources differ. For that reason, we offer a very flexible range of support options to help maintain data, manage enrolments and reporting.
For a geographically dispersed workforce, we recommend an offline and digital campaign to promote the new platform and get buy-in from employees. The team can build this into your overall launch package, including a communications strategy workshop. With this, we can adapt our pre-designed communication templates into personalised messaging to support your launch.

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