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Benefits of our approach


Expertise in covenant and complimentary disciplines


Advisors to complex DB pension schemes and sponsors


A distinct style, bringing meaningful insights and value


An integrated approach across Isio and with other advisers


Extensive first-hand experience of the regulatory landscape

Dealing with employer covenant uncertainty

Covenant strength is variable. Trustees and sponsors need to be ready for changes caused by any number of fluctuations and risks – from market performance to corporate restructuring.

But the path to preparedness isn’t always straightforward. New legislation, regulatory guidance and the rapidly changing economic environment make managing these situations increasingly complex.

Our covenant solutions specialists give you the tools to navigate these challenging matters pragmatically. We consider risk proportionately and in the wider business context, building solutions that are tailored and appropriate for your specific covenant risks.

Flexible covenant solutions and services

Cut through unnecessary detail and delays with a proportionate approach to covenant analysis and value-added solutions.

  • Financial monitoring: Financial monitoring drives insight into your scheme’s employer covenant. We can tailor this to key metrics, with a dashboard and triggers to aid decision-making.
  • Sponsor prospects monitoring: A focus on key industry risks, market trends and ESG considerations to guide discussion and understanding.
  • Triennial assessments: We assess the strength of your scheme’s employer covenant by considering sponsor cash flows, business prospects and contingent support.
  • Bespoke solutions for corporate events: We provide tailored, directional advice to trustees navigating covenant change situations, such as transactions or refinancing.

Broad, in-depth covenant experience

Our team is built with a wealth of experience in financial analysis, insolvency, restructuring, UK pensions regulation, accounting, due diligence and audit – giving you the range of experience and advice you need.

In fact, we’ve advised and negotiated employer covenant issues on some of the largest and most complex transaction situations in the UK.

We work closely with colleagues across Isio to provide you with the full complement of integrated risk management advisory services, supporting you in harnessing your covenant opportunities, mitigating risks and meeting your regulatory requirements.

Useful information

The Pension Regulator (“TPR”) expects trustees to understand covenant strength to assess risk, investment strategies, funding targets and, where necessary, recovery plans. An independent covenant advisor can help navigate the complexities of the sponsor’s business, financials, market and competition, and deliver a view that has the necessary level of expertise and objectivity. Where covenant is under threat or is changing, we can explain and consider the risk of regulatory intervention, particularly under TPR’s new powers enacted in the Pension Schemes Act 2021.
You will have a team of experienced finance professionals analysing information and testing assumptions to deliver a robust view that will support good decision-making and risk management. Isio Covenant Solutions will assess covenant strength in line with TPR’s extensive and changing guidance, to deliver you a clear and concise view on the strength of the covenant, with clear advice and recommendations for strategies or actions appropriate for the circumstances. You can always expect proportionality and pragmatism.
We customise our deliverables around your needs. Broadly though, our assessments are delivered through a concise report and follow up conversations between you and our covenant specialists. Our reports contain the conclusions of our employer covenant assessment, in line with the applicable regulations and guidance, and any scope specific considerations. We will also summarise the key considerations behind the assessment in a proportionate level of detail to meet client needs.
Our covenant solutions specialists have a wealth of experience shaping pension strategies and negotiating good outcomes between stakeholders, including TPR. The necessary considerations can be detailed, technical and complex. Our team can help with straightforward, pragmatic advice to overcome challenges and support negotiations.

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