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On September 5th Isio hosted a webinar for Scottish LGPS funds and participating employers to explore the opportunities that the valuation offers.  

The valuation exercise determines the level of ongoing contributions payable to the fund, influences the fund’s future investment strategy and formalises processes for employers looking to exit or de-risk.

We looked into this year’s valuation timeline and governance process, and what has changed since the previous 2020 LGPS valuations in Scotland to understand how this may influence the outcomes this time round.

The webinar was hosted by Stacey Donaldson and Mitchell Johnstone from Isio, both who have previously advised LGPS funds and hold 15 years combined experience doing so, whilst at present work closely with employers who are involved in the LGPS.

The webinar gave listeners a chance to pose their own questions to the panel in the closing Q&A, helping them to navigate the valuation in good time ahead of the release of funds results to employers in the final quarter of 2023 for early engagement with funds to alleviate risk and nurture opportunity.

See below for the webinar recording and respective slides.

Please contact Mitchell Johnstone or Sophie Ash if you would like to discuss further.

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