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Private Credit: Why now?

  • Where would Private Credit sit in your portfolio?
  • Why now? Bank Disintermediation, expansion, liquidity
  • How could you implement it into your portfolio?

As an asset class, Private Credit has significantly increased in prominence since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, due to the traditional banking sector reigning back their lending activity. This was due to increased regulatory constraints, which left a void for non-bank lenders to fill.

Assets under management have grown significantly among Private Credit funds, alongside the types of investment opportunities which investors can consider. We are currently observing continued tailwinds, which we detail as key themes within this report.

We see it as one the key cornerstones of a private market portfolio, believing it is a compelling asset class for investors to consider. We also look across the spectrum into where we think the best opportunities are for investors in this asset class, as well as how we believe investors should approach implementing it within their portfolios.

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