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Isio’s Fiduciary Management Conference 2021

That’s a wrap - this year’s event is now over.

The conference allowed thought-provoking sessions, covering topical issues in fiduciary management. Thanks to our panel Mike Smaje, Jo Myerson and Nick Johnson for their insightful comments and to the Isio Fiduciary Advice Team for their timely food for thought.

There were a number of standout points for us:

  • Full disclosure on current trends from the UK’s largest fiduciary managers through our 2021 Fiduciary Management Survey;
  • An insight into what best practice in ESG looks like within the fiduciary market – with a chance to score your manager;
  • A deeper dive into fiduciary oversight, looking at a framework for assessing your manager to gauge the value they add;
  • Interesting debate from our panellists, giving different perspectives on how fiduciary managers

Click the links below to re-watch the full conference or see our highlights video for a quick overview.

Full recording

Highlights video

Click here to explore the survey findings further.