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Isio encourages employers across the UK to consider signing up to Living Wage Foundation’s Living Pension accreditation to fight against pension poverty.

The Living Pension is an extension of the Living Wage movement, which encourages all businesses to pay their staff fairer wages that are aligned with the cost of living – to ensure that everyone can afford everyday needs.

Independent Cornish housing association Coastline Housing, which manages 5,000 homes, became the first housing provider and seventh overall employer to sign up to the Living Pension, which launched in March 2023 as a new benchmark for employers. Coastline is the first employer to use a cash contribution to ensure all workers meet the Living Pension savings standard, regardless of their earning.

Isio has worked with Coastline since it initially trialled the scheme. To celebrate their involvement in the scheme Isio has joined with Coastline Housing and Living Pension to discuss the accreditations successes in its initial starting months, and to look ahead at how it can benefit other employers and individual employees saving into pension schemes

Across the UK, 1 in 5 people live in poverty in retirement. We must encourage people to save more.

Andrew Craig

Head of Reward and Benefit, Isio

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