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The NHS Pension Scheme is a significant part of your total reward package, providing a guaranteed income in retirement, along with other benefits.

We have been working with our pensions advisors, Isio (NHS pension specialists) to run a series of online webinars which you can access at the bottom of this page.

The topics we’ll be covering are:

Flexible Retirement

This session is helpful for any NHS colleague who wants to know more about the flexibility options that are available in the NHS Pension Scheme.

You will learn about:

  • The options you have to work flexibly as you approach retirement
  • Things you may wish to think about when deciding what your retirement might look like



This session is helpful for any NHS colleagues who want to know more about the ‘McCloud Remedy’.

You will learn about:

  • What the ‘McCloud Remedy’ is
  • Who is affected
  • What is going to happen as a result of the ‘McCloud Remedy’
  • The potential impact of the ‘McCloud Remedy’ on your other pension decisions

Pensions Basics

This session is helpful for any NHS colleague who would like to gain a basic understanding of how the NHS Pension Scheme works.  We do not assume any previous pensions knowledge.

You will learn about:

  • Each of the three different parts of the NHS Pension Scheme
  • What happens when you take your benefits ‘early’
  • The value of the benefits you are building up
  • How to check your pension online


Pensions Basics for HR

This session has now expired

This session is useful for any NHS HR and Payroll colleagues who would like to gain a thorough understanding of the NHS Pension Scheme, so that they are more confident dealing with pension queries from staff.

You will learn about:

  • Pensions basics
  • Flexible working options
  • Accessing a pension flexibly
  • The ‘McCloud Remedy’
  • Where your staff can be directed when they have more detailed queries

Pensions Tax

This session has now expired

This session will not be relevant for most NHS colleagues, unless you have (or expect to) receive a Pension Savings Statement and/or exceed your Annual Allowance.

You will learn about:

  • How to check your personal Annual Allowance
  • Checking to see whether you are likely to have any unused Annual Allowance carry forward
  • Assessing whether you have an Annual Allowance charge in a given Pension Input Period
  • The various options you may have to pay the Annual Allowance charge

Financial Wellbeing

This session has now expired

This session is helpful for any NHS colleague who needs tips and tricks for managing their finances during the cost-of-living crisis.

You will learn about:

  • Some background on the cost-of-living crisis
  • How to understand where your money goes
  • Techniques for budgeting
  • How to build ‘financial resilience’

The seminars are available to book now and will run for a limited period – please book your place as soon as you can.

New sessions will be released on a fortnightly basis.

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