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I am passionate about employee benefits and delivering a ‘stand out’ employee experience that will drive high engagement levels with benefits, reward and the wider Employee Value Proposition (EVP). I’ve been supporting organisations for nearly 25 years to design benefit schemes, including Flexible Benefits, that are relevant and meaningful to employees. You need a great benefit design plus superb digital and communication tools to truly make a scheme successful. The benefits of getting this right and positioning your scheme effectively within your wider EVP can differentiate you as an organisation and make a good place to work a great place to work.

Employees nowadays expect a lot more from the organisations they work for than in the past. They want the right work environment, a great office space or flexibility to work from home. They want to work for an organisation who cares about the environment and our communities, and they want to know they are being treated fairly and with empathy. They want to feel supported with whatever life throws their way – be that financial, physical, or emotional wellbeing. Above all else they want to be recognised as a person, whose personal needs will be different to their colleagues. What employees typically need is support that is relevant, flexible, and allows them to personalise and choose a mix of benefits to suit them. They then want to access this easily and further engage with all the value-add initiatives in one place.

Alexis Parrish


I have extensive experience in supporting organisations with the following:

  • Benefit Strategy & Design
  • Flexible Benefits Feasibility & Design
  • Salary Sacrifice Implementation & Support
  • Benefit and Flexible Benefits Scheme Implementation
  • Employee Communication and Engagement
  • Employee Value Proposition Development
  • Employee Experience Analysis & Enhancements
  • Reward & Benefits Technology Implementation, Administration and Management
  • Benefit and Technology Provider Reviews

I love to get ‘under the skin’ of an organisation and its employees – asking employees what they would like to see in their benefits scheme, either through focus groups or surveys, can be very insightful. We love nothing better at Isio than focusing on what’s important and making what might seem like complex or overwhelming issue simple.

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