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Earth Day 2022

Friday 22 April 2022 is Earth Day and the theme for this year is ‘Invest in our planet’.

We asked some of our team to share their thoughts on what the day means to them and how the work they do helps create a positive impact on our world.
“Investing in our planet is investing in our future and those of future generations. Investment managers, as long-term stewards of capital, are uniquely positioned to leverage their collective influence on global companies to drive improvements in order to achieve global net zero ambitions as well as to protect and replenish the planet's biodiversity. At Isio, we work with investment managers to develop innovative products that invest in climate or nature-based solutions and/or play a key role in the global transition to a low carbon world; with stewardship and engagement with underlying companies at the heart of these products.”
Charles Pringle, ESG Researcher
“The fundamental importance of nature to our global society and economy is beginning to dawn on us. We are starting to see momentum amongst companies and investors. At Isio, we are actively encouraging our clients to engage with nature, from education to investment solutions. Nature-based solutions will also be at the heart of climate strategies, and we are currently exploring carbon offsetting opportunities for clients. Whatever the action taken, big or small, the time to act on nature is now, before the impacts of nature degradation become irreversible.”
Leah Worrall, Deputy Head of ESG Insights
“I’m investing in our planet by educating my colleagues around how climate-related risks should be included within their actuarial advice to both trustees and sponsors of occupational pension schemes. This includes reviewing scientific research covering how life expectancies in the UK will be affected by climate change, amongst many of the other wider funding implications of ESG related matters. As a result, I am pleased to see organisations such as The Pension Regulator and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries promoting the inclusion of climate-related actuarial advice through their consultations and guidance.”
El Vail, Research and Development Manager
"Nature degradation is occurring at an alarming and unsustainable rate and it is topic we cannot ignore any longer. Ecosystems provide vital services such as air regulation and pollination making them essential to our survival. Investors are in a privileged position to make a real difference by improving the funding gap for nature-based solutions that provide protection, rehabilitation and restoration for all areas of our planet. Investing in our planet is the same as investing in our future and the sooner we start, the better the outcome will be."
Simona Scialo, ESG Researcher
“At Isio, our purpose is to create better outcomes for our clients, their members and society. There can be no more important outcome than securing a sustainable future through how we advise our clients and how we operate as a business.”
Ed Wilson, Partner, Investment Advisory

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Cadi Thomas 

Head of ESG Research 

Leah Worrall

Deputy Head of ESG Insights