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Integrated LDI: What next?

Let your LDI do more of the ‘heavy-lifting’, and with reduced governance

Making your LDI allocation more capital-efficient can have significant implications on your scheme’s journey plan, whether through increased expected returns, flexibility to reduce risk elsewhere, or both.

At Isio, we’ve developed a new type of LDI investment strategy, which has sparked innovation within the wider LDI industry. New LDI products are now available which allow for increased return within a low governance framework and a reduced risk of ‘forced-selling’ of LDI-supporting assets in extreme market environments.

The decisions around LDI are becoming increasingly important.

Find out more in our brochure below on how Isio can help you navigate the complexities of LDI allocation - 

Our experts

Gary Soar 

Head of LDI

Ajith Nair

Head of Research

Calum Brunton-Smith

Co-head of Investment Strategy