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Maintaining service excellence for your members

Our 300-strong team work tirelessly to deliver all your additional administration requirements. While we take care of scheme annual events, GMP, and Insurance work, your administration teams can focus on the important task of servicing your members.

Value is hugely important to us. We strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your needs, and do so as part of a collaborative workspace with robust controls in place.

The benefits of our approach


Nationwide support with 300 administration professionals


Expertise in getting you ready for dashboard


Specialism in GMP Equalisation, endgame preparation and large-scale data cleanse projects

Confidence across all your projects

Our team is experienced in handling a wide range of technically complex workstreams, including:
• GMP Reconciliation, Rectification and Equalisation.
• Buy-in, buy-out and all aspects of insurance work.
• Liability reduction exercises, PIE, FRO and CETV exercises.
• DC Change projects, lifestyling, contribution processing and fund changes.
• Scheme events, pension increases, benefit statements and valuations.

We’ll work alongside you and your stakeholders to understand your needs, deliver a solution, and complete your projects on budget and on time.

Tailor-made and expertly delivered

Our team has over 200 years of pension experience combined. We bring together the best technical experts, solution builders and project managers, all with detailed knowledge of legislative, system, Trustee, and member requirements.

We draw on this experience to build a project to your exact specifications. You will receive regular, transparent updates, so you won’t need to worry about the little details and can instead focus on the strategic impact of your project programme.


We will work with you to provide a fee quotation scoped in line with your specific needs. Typically, we can offer you a fixed price for a range of projects.
We are a growing team and continue to recruit highly skilled pensions experts into the team. We aim to grow the team by 20% each year and are investing in our talent to support the increasing needs of all of our clients.
We continue to expand our offering to clients and are leading the way in additional services, such as dashboard readiness, driven by our technology solutions.

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