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Benefits of our approach


1 model covering rectification, equalisation & conversion


Practical, admin focussed approach


Highly experienced Operational Solutions team


65,000 members equalised so far


Bespoke solutions for each client


Efficient without corner-cutting

Pragmatic in the right places

Our team supports active decision-making, helping clients lay the foundations for each step in their GMP journey. This is partly thanks to our ‘calculations first’ approach, allowing you to make decisions based on actual member outcomes, not theory. And it can save clients thousands in consulting fees, as we don’t look for data that’s not needed.

You’ll find that all projects are geared towards administering equalised benefits. So you can get equalised data back on an equalisation-ready system. We concentrate on data fixes that matter to your members, not a checklist of data that might be needed. Every project is future-proofed. Clients receiveindividual member audit trails, as well as a single version of the truth in our Key Decisions Document.

Removing the burden from GMP

Delivery is end-to-end and totally bespoke. We know that, whilst the calculations are the same for all schemes, the outcomes and drivers for decision-making may be very different.

We support clients with:

  • Strategic planning
  • GMP equalisation
  • GMP conversion
  • GMP reconciliation
  • GMP and benefit rectification
  • Insurance readiness
  • Benefit testing

The Isio approach

GMP projects are large-scale, complicated projects. For many, they’re unchartered territory. But for our experienced team, this is familiar ground.

Building on 15 years’ experience. This is an extension of our experienced Operational Solutions team, who also do data due diligence for bulk annuity providers.

One client team, handling end-to end delivery. We don’t run projects in silos, handing data from one team to the next. We bring in experts from across the business.

No house views. Our tried and tested approach consistently achieves results for our clients, while adapting to each scheme’s needs.

Taking the pain out of projects. We welcome intellectually challenging, demanding projects. It’s an environment that we and our clients thrive in.

Useful information

Yes. We do GMP for our administration clients, our own Scheme Actuary clients and those whom we are neither administrator or Scheme Actuary.
Yes. Our approach has been under the scrutiny of various legal advisers. We’ve also passed the scrutiny of insurers’ due diligence too. And we always provide full audit trails so trustees have any decisions documented.
Not necessarily. We can flex our approach as needed by you. For some projects we do everything, including supporting administrators with their setup. On other schemes, we may be asked to do some data readiness work only.
We use the roll back approach. We believe this is the most appropriate approach when considering the materiality of member outcomes and data availability. We don’t want to hunt down data that’s not needed. And we know that no scheme will have 100% of data available. So even schemes taking a reconstruct approach will need to rely on roll back for some members.

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