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As you start a period of recovery there will be further challenges in terms of staff retention, recruitment and motivation as you work to reduce waiting lists and ensure your workforce is fit for the future.

At Isio, we help NHS Trusts address the pensions aspects of workforce challenges and educate staff on key pensions issues.

The NHS pension scheme is an extraordinarily valuable benefit. However, we know from long experience talking to NHS staff that they do not always believe this. Disaffection with the pension benefit stems from several changes happening in relatively quick succession as well as the difficult communications around the introduction of the 2015 scheme. The McCloud remedy will make a complex situation even more difficult to understand and explain.

We can help your personnel/HR teams and your staff understand the key issues.

We know that HR teams in Trusts do not always feel equipped to talk to staff about pensions. Your nursing staff, physically and emotionally exhausted by the challenges of the pandemic, may leave to work for a local employer without understanding what they are giving up. Senior staff may be reluctant to do extra shifts to reduce waiting lists because they are nervous about the pensions tax impact.

Whether you would like us to work with your HR team on a communications programme, analyse staff data to understand the issues, or carry out educational seminars on NHS pensions benefits or pensions tax, we have a team of experienced staff who are passionate about the issues and ready to assist you.

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Isio has worked with NHS England on the implementation of the 2019/20 pensions annual allowance compensation policy and with several NHS trusts communicating with staff on pensions tax.

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