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Welcome to Isio’s FM Spotlight Series; a collection of 6 short videos which cover a range of topical issues and key trends that we’re currently seeing in the Fiduciary Management market.

We will be joined every fortnight by key industry players who will discuss a range of topics, starting with the basics of ‘What is FM?’, ranging to conversations on ‘Navigating ESG in the world of FM’ and the ‘Pension Scheme lifecycle and FM’.

Episode 1: What is FM?

In this episode Niamh Gannon and Thomas Gordon are joined by Alexa Shanks, Head of Intermediary Relations at Mercer to discuss the basics of FM.

Episode 2: Are my Scheme’s FM fees providing value for money?

In this episode Aimee Hunter and Gary Gallacher are joined by Christy Jesudasan, Head of UK FM Sales at Goldman Sachs Asset Management to cover Fiduciary Management fees and how to ensure your Scheme is getting value for money.

Episode 3: Is FM a viable option for smaller schemes?

In this episode Paula Champion and Calum Edgar are joined by Victoria Myers, Head of Investment Advisory, Legal & General Investment Management to discuss if Fiduciary Management is a good option for smaller schemes.

Episode 4: Navigating ESG in the world of Fiduciary Management for UK pension schemes.

In this episode Alex Owen and Adam Palaszkiewicz are joined by Hannah Simons, Head of Sustainability Strategy and Ajeet Manjrekar, Head of UK Clients at Schroders to discuss ESG in the world of FM.

Episode 5: The Pension Scheme lifecycle and Fiduciary Management

In this episode Daniel Walsh and Aimee Buchanan are joined by Hatty Goodwin, Investment Risk Settlement Specialist at Aon to discuss the Pension Scheme lifecycle and the role of a Fiduciary Manager.

Episode 6: Do you have a responsibility to monitor your FM?

In our next episode Anthony Webb and Joel Rigby are joined by Elliot Buchanan, Investment Director at Willis Towers Watson to discuss FM oversight from the perspective of the FM.

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