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Hi, I’m Brian. My day-to-day work involves helping sponsors and trustees of defined benefit pension schemes understand the governance options available to help them run their pension scheme, with a particular focus on our two operational consolidation solutions, The Enplan Pension Platform and The Pensions Master Plan.

Running defined benefit pension schemes can be hard work and time consuming for sponsors and trustees. I enjoy helping clients find the right governance model for their scheme, saving time and costs whilst still providing a great service to their members.

Brian Flannery

Senior Consultant & Head of Enplan Business Development

I have been working in the pensions industry and with KPMG/Isio for over 20 years. In that time I’ve had a number of different roles.  In recent years I have taken on a business development role to help sponsors and trustees of defined benefit schemes find the right governance solution for running their pension schemes.

Over my career I have seen many changes in the pensions world, some good, some not so good. A key observation is the legislative and regulatory burden has increased considerably, making it harder to run defined benefit schemes and to find lay trustees with the right skillset. 

Many schemes I work with are at the stage where they will make one last change of advisers to help achieve their ultimate end game. I believe running schemes together using platforms or master trusts has the potential to help thousands of pension schemes and am proud to be at the forefront of this positive change in our industry.

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