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Benefits of our approach

Clip path group

Enhances governance with a professional trustee


Reduces time and costs


Proven success, with 50+ schemes on the platform


Economies of scale from £1bn+ of assets under management


A “big” scheme service for smaller schemes


Providing an ESG offering for smaller schemes


End-game focused – with a programme of scheme buy-outs


Winner of DB Master Trust / Consolidator of the Year

Purpose-built to run your scheme better

We know running DB pension schemes can be expensive and hard work. So we’ve teamed up with the independent trustee company Entrust, to make running your scheme much more simple.

The Enplan Pension Platform brings under one roof individual pension schemes of different shapes and sizes that we run on a purpose-built platform. This grants you easy access to everything you need to run a scheme. Plus, in creating Enplan, we also developed an innovative way of accessing investment markets – speeding up decision-making and saving your scheme money on fund manager fees.

Entrust provides the governance and secretarial support and Isio provides all the key pensions services – administration, actuarial and investment.

What sets Enplan apart

Enplan is transformative for schemes, unlocking a range of benefits.

Reduced costs. Your scheme will operate more efficiently, saving you time and money. 

Robust governance. Enplan provides professional, continuous governance and a sustainable and efficient solution for your scheme’s future.

Funding and investment. We’ll create a tailored plan to help you manage (or exit) your scheme in a risk controlled, affordable way.

Quality of service. Your scheme and your members will receive an excellent service.

Creating a better future for more schemes

Enplan was created over 6 years ago and exists to create better outcomes for our clients, their members and society. We believe that all schemes deserve great service, at a fair price, regardless of their size.

By managing more than 50 schemes collectively, we allow schemes on the platform to access economies of scale, innovative services and investment buying power that they would not be able to achieve on a standalone basis. Scheme costs can often be reduced by up to 30%.

Listen to our experts’ deep dive conversation into DB operational consolidation

Case study

Burger King UK DB scheme enjoys benefits of efficiencies with Enplan

Since joining Enplan in 2018, the Burger King DB scheme has saved significant amounts in adviser and fund manager fees and put the scheme on a steady path to full funding and de-risking. Enplan has also helped align the scheme’s ESG position with that of the business.

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Sponsoring employers are often looking to run their scheme more efficiently. They want to save time and costs, and free themselves to focus on the strategic aspects of running the business. For trustees, they’re often looking at how they can improve the pension scheme governance, or help deal with the increasing regulatory requirements or difficulty finding trustees.
Joining can be done in a matter of weeks. It starts with the appointment of Entrust as the professional independent trustee, followed by actuarial and investment services coming on stream soon after. Administration is often in place within 6 months to allow the full transition of data.
Enplan has been running successfully for over 6 years. And with over 50 clients, it’s one of the fastest growing pension platforms.
The platform has clients with assets ranging from low millions to hundreds of millions.
As an employer, you can be involved as little or as much as you like in the day-to-day running of your scheme. However, we are keen to work closely with each sponsor to determine the right strategy and funding plan for their specific circumstances.
Our approach is to provide a fixed core fee that covers all known BAU services that the scheme needs.
No, each scheme retains its original independent legal structure and identity.
Yes, there is no change to the sponsoring employer or their responsibility for the pension scheme covenant.
Each scheme’s assets are ringfenced with no cross contamination. Schemes benefit from the bulk buying power of the combined schemes’ assets.
Each scheme on the platform has its own bespoke journey plan that fits with the aims of each organisation.

Key people

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Partner & Head of Enplan See full profile
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Senior Consultant & Head of Enplan Business Development See full profile

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