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Effective pensions risk management in the LGPS

30 Sep 2021
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New flexibilities in the LGPS (introduced by changes to Regulation 64) provide employers and their Funds with more opportunities to manage and mitigate their risks.

The financial risks in the LGPS, which are often material for employers, can now be managed more effectively through collaboration. This a great time to start on this journey, with six months to go until the next LGPS valuation date on 31 March 2022.

Effective risk management allows an employer to manage its pension risks, alongside its whole organisation and wider business objectives, rather than just pensions in isolation. Similarly, Funds can better manage their risk exposure, taking into account each employer’s own circumstances.

Our actuarial experts at Isio have an in-depth understanding of the new flexibilities and how they can be turned into an opportunity to deliver better outcomes for both Funds and employers. 

We have created a short video below to help you further understand these recent changes and find out how we can help you.

Watch now: 


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