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Manage all aspects of your Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme with our one-stop-shop solution, the Enplan Pension Platform. Enplan exists to create better outcomes for our clients, their members and society.

How can Enplan help you?

We know running DB pension schemes can be hard work. So we’ve teamed up with the independent trustee company, Entrust, to make your life much more simple. We bring under one roof individual pension schemes of different shapes and sizes that we run on a specially built platform to give you easy access to everything you need to run a scheme.

Entrust provides the governance and secretarial support and Isio provides all the key pensions services - administration, actuarial and investment.  

We’ve also developed a new way of accessing investment markets. This speeds up decision making and saves money on fund manager fees.

Run your scheme efficiently and cost effectively with us

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How does it work?

Enplan works by consolidating the operation of many pension schemes together.  But unlike other master trust solutions, each scheme retains its original independent legal structure and identity. By running schemes collectively we’ll help you achieve economies of scale, reducing the time and money spent maintaining your DB scheme.

Within our structure you have no exposure to other schemes’ liabilities and there are no changes to your scheme’s rules. It’s simple to join and you retain full control over the future governance structure of the scheme.

Enplan helps you tackle some of the most challenging areas faced by schemes

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Robust Governance

Enplan provides professional, continuous governance and a sustainable and efficient solution for your scheme’s future.


Quality of Service

Your scheme and your members will receive great service.

Funding and Investment

We’ll create a tailored plan to help you manage (or exit) your scheme in a risk controlled, affordable way.



Your scheme will operate more efficiently, saving you time and money.  

The Enplan Pension Platform

The Enplan Pension Platform is a one-stop-solution for managing all aspects of a DB pension scheme.

Enplan celebrates 50th scheme milestone

We’ve just onboarded the 50th scheme to Enplan, our one-stop-shop platform solution for running smaller defined benefit pension schemes.