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Employee Support and Financial Wellbeing

With inflation hitting levels not seen since the seventies, increases in energy, fuel and food costs are hitting everyone’s pockets. Are you doing enough to help your employees in these challenging times?

Empowering employees to make financial decisions

Now more than ever, employee ​wellbeing is vital. Facilitating the best financial wellbeing outcome for employees requires not just access to appropriate benefits, but also giving employees the hand-holding needed to understand and take advantage of them.

We work closely with clients to develop engagement strategies that help employees positively manage their own financial wellbeing. Our approach is flexible, helping clients to develop support to best suit the needs of their employees and reflecting the benefits available. The overriding aim is to give employees the confidence to make their own financial decisions, while providing employers with valuable insight about financial trends in the workforce.

Our support is action-based and leaves employees feeling empowered in this area of their lives. Below are some examples of employee feedback.

Feedback from our financial coaching sessions:
“Such a great session, thanks to [the employer] for providing such a critical service - I've never been able to get my head around the basics of Finance and what's good for me vs what's not good. The coach helped explain pensions / sharesaves / benefits / ISA's etc and how they vary in what they offer and I now feel I have a baseline understanding. Please continue to provide these amazing services - this was exactly what I needed and no question was a silly question -thank you so much!!”
Feedback from our webinars:
“Some really good and helpful tips which will definitely be useful as I imagine things could get financially tough in the next few months”
Feedback from our money health checks:
“Very useful to go through the process - which highlighted to myself where I would have to invest time to understand my finances.”

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We are passionate about Financial Wellbeing and want to help organisations get this right! If any of the above sounds like it may be useful to you and your employees, contact us today to discuss further and find out how we can help.

Wealth planning services

Whilst education and guidance can help in many situations, there are times when the decision and choices are just too complicated to make without professional advice.

We work closely with clients to match employee needs to the benefits programme. For those employers looking to add an advisory service alongside other employee support, we can build a solution through our Premier Wealth Planning service.

Cost of living seminar

Isio has developed a seminar full of ideas to help your employees manage their money better and make it go further

Helping employees through the cost-of-living crisis

We consider how you can support and empower your employees to make a lasting difference, and help them get more value from their money and the benefits you provide.

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Supporting your employees through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis poses potentially serious financial challenges for many UK workers. We detail 4 practical ways to support your employees through the cost of living crisis.